Theodore Roosevelt Island

I’m getting this snow photography thing down. It’s always a little scary to take my gear into the elements and risk getting water on lenses or being too cold to adjust exposure/shutter speed or worst of all — accidentally slipping on ice and breaking my gear.

Yours truly

So far none of these things have happened, but it’s always good to prepare for shoots like this. As mentioned in a previous post, DC kinda freaks out when it snows so it’s a lot of fun to head out and explore the city. Things are quieter, and my favorite photo spots like Theodore Roosevelt Island are empty. It’s almost magical.

I set out for this adventure with my backpack and umbrella and camera with a fixed 50mm lens. I like this particular lens for wet environments because I don’t have to worry about water seeping into it like I might if I had a zoom lens. Less movement = less of chance for water to get inside the lens or camera body.

I wandered around the island, stopping very little. After hiking about for over an hour, I made it back into Virginia and took refuge in a Cosi to defrost, take off damp layers, and dry off my camera and myself. I’m pretty glamorous that way.